What is a Quasar? Imagine the light of 1.5 quadrillion suns

Posted by Brittain Cooper on

A Quasar is the most energetic and powerful object in the universe! When distant galaxies collide a quasar is formed. Superblack holes in these galaxies suck in stars, dust, gas, and galactic matter and when temperatures rise to millions of degrees, they release it all in incredible amounts of energy and radiation. The energy outflow emitted is more than one hundred galaxies combined and it creates the brightest lights in the universe. The brightest Quasar ever discovered is equivalent to the light of 1.5 quadrillion suns! Say What?!

Quasar Glitterati is a collection from out of this world. Created with luminous color frequency from solar infused crystals, Wowza! Designed on Kaua'i.

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