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Step into the Mineral Kingdom

Embrace Crystalline Living with Sparkle Style

Illuminate your style with vivid colors and energetic patterns from our collection of gemstone-inspired athleisure wear for all Seasons.

High-Rise Leggings

Empower Yourself with Your Favorite Crystal Energy

Smoky Quartz: Feel Grounded

  • Mid-Rise Crystal Leggings

    Wear Wet or Dry, 50+ UPF Sun Protection

  • Unisex Hoodies/Joggers

    Get cozy in our Eco-friendly jogger sets made from recycled fabrics

  • Sport Bras

    Available in your favorite design with or without removable padding

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Hematite: Your Invisible Force Field


Hematite, a stone renowned for its metallic luster, emits grounding energy while... 

  • Sparkle Style Co Gemstone Crystal Notebooks

    Crystal Meditation Notebooks

    Great to capture daily inspirations, dreams, and manifestations

  • Weekender Totes

    The perfect colorful carry-all for any adventure!

  • Family Jewels Boxer Briefs

    Raise all the Vibes with Gemstone Boxers

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