Arfvedsonite, a stone known for their energetic properties and ability to organize the mind.

Exploring the Mystical Properties of Arfvedsonite: An Energetic Powerhouse

What attracts you to gemstones and crystals? I have always been fascinated with their beauty and allure; the way light reflects off of them, their different angles, and crystal structures. 

Specific chemical composition coupled with their life adventures, making each gemstone journey so unique.

Many are intrigued by their energies; the metaphysical properties used to heal, protect, and guide us. They have also been used to clear negative energies from our bodies and spaces, making them powerful daily tools. Gemstone and crystal power provide a variety of different applications and are an ancient practice that have been around for centuries. 

I was recently offered the opportunity to photograph an Arfvedsonite.

Say that three times in a row!

This powerful sodium amphibole mineral roughly translated from the Greek, Arfvedsonite means “the stone of harmony and order.”

As soon as I saw it, I was immediately smitten and taken with its striking beauty. I wanted to learn more as this was my first exposure to Arfvedsonite.

Arfvedsonite, not to be confused with Astrophyllite is a naturally occurring mineral. It forms in a prismatic crystal structure with captivating greenish black to bluish gray flashes. It is often found in alkali-rich volcanic rocks, such as phonolites and nephelinites, and is also found in some metamorphic rocks.

It has many powerful attributes and is a stone that can produce amazing manifestations! Arfvedsonite stones have been used for centuries in the spiritual healing of people around the world.

It is considered a rare crystal with powers to help organize your mind with purpose into manageable goals. It can be used at the Third Eye Chakra for divine growth and development. It is known to aid in focus and concentration, and to help sharpen the memory.  This crystal is great as a spiritual tool for restructuring. It also can help to heal disharmonic heart centers, and is great for strengthening harmonious partnerships. It allows your mind to open and see areas of your life where improvements and reorganization can be made. 

It can open the Throat Chakra and provide extraordinary insights into the future of things and physic visions--a strong positive vibration all around.

This magical mineral with striking beauty happens to be exactly what I needed in this year and was thinking it may be helpful to many of you. It's a perfect time to reorganize, restructure, and manifest for the future. It must have given my friend the insight to share it with me, as I was needing all of these things in my present moment!

Arfvedsonite is high-vibrational and an all around energetic powerhouse. Excited to bring Arfvedsonite as a new Sparkle Style Co. collection.



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