About Us


Surrounding yourself with gemstones and crystals in a new, wearable way!

Sparkle Style brings beauty, energy, and essence to clothing, accessories, décor & modern jewelry; designed by creator, Brittain Cooper.  

Every piece is artwork made from a collection of curated gemstones/crystals; carefully sourced, arranged, photographed and post treated, bringing you completely vivid designs and unique GEMetic Code patterns you won’t find anywhere else.    

And did we mention glitter? Brit also creates one-of-a-kind glitter artwork that compliments the whole sparkle aesthetic.

We hope you discover designs you love and get to show the world on the outside how you feel on the inside. 

Live Your Sparkle Style Life!   


~Brit Cooper



With an extremely busy career in technology, I was craving the creative. My outlet was my desire to learn about gemstones, which originated with my Grandmother, Dorothy. I never had plans to make a career change, I just loved and enjoyed learning about gemstones.

For years, I spent my vacation time, spare time, weekends, and any spaces in between studying and completing lab courses at the Gemological Institute of America. I earned a Graduate Degree in Diamonds, Colored Stones, and Pearls. I became an accredited jewelry professional, attended gem shows and started repurposing my own hand-me-down jewelry from Dorothy and having them created into new designs I envisioned. 

I remember attending my first GIA Alumni meeting in the Diamond District in downtown Los Angeles. At the meeting, a prominent author was present, discussing the enhanced treatments of gemstones in legal cases and was giving away two copies of his book.  All attendees put business cards into an empty Subway, sandwich tray in hopes their card would be pulled as the winner. The first card was drawn and a book was given away. In my head I thought, “If I am supposed to pursue this passion, then Universe please let my card be picked!” Well, the next card was selected and it wasn’t mine, but as the author was giving away his second copy, a business card miraculously floated out of the container and onto the floor. We all looked stunned, the author picked it up and said “Someone sure wants my book tonight!”

It was my business card, it was my sign!

When my daughter was born, I knew she needed to be surrounded by the energy of gemstones. I was still deep in my gem studies at the time and we began living with gems and crystals in our home decor and incorporating them into our everyday life. She inspired me and Sparkle Style was created and lifestyle ideas began to percolate. 

My first Sparkle Style ideas beyond apparel, jewelry and decor, were centered around beauty products. I researched the market and didn’t find anything similar to my idea in existence, so in 2015 I filed a patent application while pursuing different product/packaging designs. After two long years, the patent was ultimately denied by the US Patent and Trademark Office on the basis that the process itself was not patentable.  

This bad news of the patent denial took the wind out of my sails, and everything came to a screeching halt.  I stopped watching Shark Tank episodes and decided to put my product release on the back burner while I reconsidered my next move for the products. Thinking back on it now, I should have continued to move forward, but I felt frozen at the time and forged ahead in technology. Stay tuned on this front as I’m not done pursuing it just yet!

Next... a big life event occurred…

We moved our family to the Island of Kaua’i, the most beautiful and energetically charged place I have ever been! Not long after the move, my husband purchased a professional level camera to capture our life adventures. One day I asked to borrow it. 

I had always enjoyed taking pictures of gemstones and my iphone could never really see inside them as well as the GIA microscope :) but the facets and reflections would give me beautiful colors in my pictures.

What would the gemstones look like with this camera and a macro lens that can get super close-up? Would it be like looking through my gem loupe? What would the gems look like if I put them into rainbow spectrum?

Like a snowflake or fingerprint, all stones have identifying markers which make them unique. These inclusions and blemishes are the original gemstone signatures which intrigue me the most. It is is their GEMetic code! I began photographing them...

Photographing the gemstones in this fashion I could see more clearly and deep into the specimens than ever before.  The images they created not only showed their inclusions, but their genetic/lab make-up and raw patterning.  

This was their Sparkle Style! 

I am thrilled to share my gemstone/crystal artwork imagery with you and hope you enjoy incorporating gemstones into your everyday life in a new way. Wear your favorite gems, glitter and GEMetic Code patterns for work or play. Décor and Jewels are on the way!