Hematite: The Invisible Force Field

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Who could use some Hematite powers right about now? Check it out!

Hematite, the mystery stone of manifestation is an opaque gemstone with a metallic luster.  

This is a grounding stone with super hero like powers.  It dissipates negativity all around and brings protection like an invisible force field, dissolving any hostile energetic vibes. It is even used to shield electromagnetic frequency (EMF) and radiation!

Known as a stone for the mind, concentration skills are enhanced and courage is naturally strengthened. Decision making skills seem effortless and focus is decisive, sharp and effective. Hematite also has a calming essence known to stabilize emotions, intensify willpower, and elevate balance and harmony. 

Hematite ranges typically from silver to gray to black, but can also range in brown to red.  Its' ore can be found in banded iron formations in igneous and metamorphic rocks, and in deposits of sedimentary beds all over the world and beyond. Another inter-galactic gemstone! 

This gem is commonly found on the Earth surface and shallow crustal areas. Hematite deposits are currently mined in China, Australia, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, South Africa, and the United States. It has also been seen as a spectral signature on Mars! Ever wonder why they call it the "Red Planet?" Now, you know!

Did you know that universal stone Hematite, was used a pigment for pictographs over 40,000 years ago in cave paintings? The iron oxide crystals commonly known as Haimatitis "Blood-Red" to the Ancient Greeks, produces a unique reddish powder streak as its signature mark, when scratched against a surface. 

Hematite, an untreated gemstone has natural super powers, what an incredible stone! 

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